• Paséa Hotel, Huntington Beach, CA

    Preserved living moss board adds just the right natural feel and artistry to an indoor space.

  • Private residence, Los Angeles, CA

    Artisan-quality Mediterranean olive tree becomes a beautiful focal point in a room that glows and radiates warmth. Home design by Grania Murray, Studio Grania Murray, Los Angeles.

  • The Citrus Club, Orlando, FL

    Tropical trees evoke warm summer breezes and carefree days. The highest quality materials go into every plant we make.

  • Private residence, Palm Springs, CA

    There is nothing as stunning as our own design, the dracaena bloom on cedar wood. Naturally dried and preserved, the dracaena is an example of how sustainable living can be achieved in unexpected ways.

  • Private residence, Fullerton, CA

    The timeless black olive tree captivates with its simplicity. Top designers choose the black olive to compliment any space. Genuine wood trunks.

  • Private residence, Laguna Beach, CA

    Striking a pose, this papyrus and greenery piece adds just the right amount of artistry to the room.

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Florals & Succulents

Get a springtime feel throughout the year by placing glorious florals, blossoms and succulents around your home. We use high quality materials and heavy glass in clear acrylic water to make our products look incredibly fresh and realistic. Many of our plants have a “real touch” feel and will hold their beauty for years to come. Our designer-quality products will make an office or business look more welcoming and pleasant without the upkeep.


Plants & Greenery

Ideal for sunless corners in your home, which are often the areas that need that jolt of green the most. Artificial plants are the most versatile because there are so many varieties of styles, textures, and colors. Any time you want to fill up an ordinary wall space with something spectacular, our plants and greenery will come to the rescue!


Custom Crafted Trees

Real wood tree branches are sourced from California deserts and coastal regions. Many of our lush tree branches are naturally dried and preserved, and each tree is hand-made by skilled artisans – the quality is so life-like that you will not be able to see the difference between live and artificial. Each tree is made extra sturdy within its container through an injection mold process for long lasting shape and stability.


Complimentary Design Services and Site Plans

Owner Barb Tolbert is an established interior designer and exterior landscape and design planner, and provides complimentary design services to ensure that every client gets exactly the look and feel they want. No project is too small, or too large!

On-site visits are available upon request.

Project Spotlights